Forget the database. Let's try GitHub Pages.

After writing in a beefy Django-powered app and perpetually losing my database I decided to try out GitHub Pages and Jekyll.

Jekyll uses the Liquid templating library, which feels familiar coming from Django. In a nutshell, you layout your HTML/CSS/Liquid pages and provide content in markdown files. Jekyll then completes all possible renderings in a single build process, whereas Django renders each page for each request (before caching). That comes at the cost of dynamism: e.g There's no great way to search this thing (besides loading the whole contents into memory and searching with Javascript). BUT THERE'S NO DATABASE, and now the main possible attack is breaking ssh+git instead of my weakly guarded django admin portal or SQL injection.

SGit for Android is a pretty full-featured Git client that lets me push posts from my phone! (Still trying to figure out how to make the ssh auth work. Https + user auth just works). A quick search doesn't turn up any push-capable iOS clients but objective-git suggests it's possible.

Oh, and Happy 2014!

31 Dec 2013