David Brodsky

Hello! I spend my time writing software to advance practical efforts that better society. I built OpenWatch, a suite of open-source tools for participatory journalism, with Rich and Chris. OpenWatch was my first experience with incorporation (and re-incorporation), raising investment, and pitching to large clients.

We poured an immense ammount of energy into creating OpenWatch's Android/iOS live video streaming platform. Why did such a fundamental feature have to be such a pain to implement? Thus, Kickflip was born: A turnkey SaaS product that handles all the plumbing for a cloud video application.

Kickflip 8/2013 - Present

Co-Founder. Android Developer

I designed and implemented an open-source live streaming SDK for Android that integrates with a SaaS product I designed with my OpenWatch Co-Founders.

OpenWatch 11/2012 - Present

Co-Founder. Android Developer and DevOps

I helped steer an idea through incorporation, fundraising, and tons of iteration.

I developed Android applications (OpenWatch, Stop SB 1070, Police Tape) that reliably transmit media from mobile phones to our CDN.

I developed a DevOps strategy for our application servers and implemented it with Chef.

Freelance Web and Android Engineer 11/2011 - Present

I perform DevOps, Django, and Android development for hire.

Engineer 11/2010 - 11/2011

I helped plan PPL's high voltage transmission network in Pennsylvania. I taught myself Python and employed it to help forecast the demand for electricity across the grid.